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Bangalore High School is a modern school that tries to use traditional approaches to learning and use contemporary technologies to supplement learning as well. The breathtaking multi-acres of very impressive facilities are obvious, but there is also a palpable feeling of ambition and sense of purpose among the students and staff you meet.  There is probably no school as welcoming, academically focused, and globally-minded. BHS is certainly a unique co-educational day and boarding school and we are proud to be helping the nation in bringing the top talent to the fore.

The curriculum at BHS is vibrant, demanding, and progressive with the school becoming nationally and internationally renowned as a center of excellence with examination results and college placements to be continually proud of.

Creativity flourishes through the drama, music, and arts programs and we have a reputation for competitive sport in many areas including cricket, basketball, tennis, athletics, squash, and badminton to name a few.

Dr. J Swaminathan, our chairman, continues to seek to deliver an inspirational and holistic education for all BHS students.  As the school has grown over the last two decades, so too has the identity of BHS students. It is an identity built on intellectual development and curiosity, independence, and the courage to be an individual.  In short, BHS provides students with the capacity to be inspired to become the very best individual they can.

Boarding lies at the heart of the school and is central to BHS’s identity.  Our students are encouraged to see every day as an opportunity, a chance to develop and grow, and a chance to ‘be the start of something; their journey as a lifelong learner begins the very moment they start their journey at BHS.
BHS’s focus on service, leadership, and character education means that students leave BHS fully prepared to face the global challenges of adult life in the 21st century.